Jin’s dessert buffet!

In 2020, we have the 7th anniversary!
As the commemoration, we present 2 special plans from February 1st.

7th anniversary special lunch

¥1,800 for 1 person! (tax excluded)

We prepared a very reasonable lunch set!


  • Assorted appetizer
  • Cheese cream pasta
  • Grilled Yamato pork with rape-flower
  • Chocolate dessert
  • Drink

Dessert buffet!

Only Saturday, Sunday and Holiday, holding lunchtime dessert buffet!

If you order with lunch, the buffet is ¥777 for 1 person. And this is tax INCLUDED!

Only the buffet, ¥1,200 tax excluded.

Message plate service

If you want to send a message for congratulation etc., we can prepare for a message dessert plate with free!