Be Organic!

■Commitment to Organic Meal

We offer a menu with the theme of “Cooking and eating fresh seasonal ingredients”.
“Be Organic” is the concept of going to organic as much as possible. Natural and healthy material.
Organic and ecology are inseparable from each other, and when talking about future food, they are in a relationship of both wheels.
“The taste of the ingredients can be fully felt”
“We can trace how they were brought up”
“Guaranteed healthy, safe and secure meal”
Based on the above, we will propose new ways of eating.

Our Commitment

Restaurant Jin is suitable for the central location of Komatsu City, which is the gateway to the world in Ishikawa, and is a place where you can taste the cuisine and enjoy the space like Komatsu,We would like to make Jin a restaurant that satisfies the five senses of guests with the care of the staff full of hospitality.

■Organic Vegetables

Restaurant Jin uses as much as possible JAS certified organic vegetables grown by “Nishida Farm” in Iwade-cho, Komatsu City.
These are healthy vegetables that are cultivated without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
Located in a mountainous area in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, we cultivate and sell JAS-certified organic vegetables that are completely pesticide-free and do not use any chemical fertilizers.
We make soil using the power of microorganisms without using any pesticide and chemical fertilizer so that we can maintain the state that soil originally has the resistance to diseases, nutrition and resuscitation. 

Therefore, the vegetables grown in the soil are cultivated in pursuit of the sweetness, taste, bitterness, and aroma inherent in vegetables.
Please enjoy the vegetables of the “Earth Power” that the vegetables themselves have, such as Bagna Cauda and Garden Salad.

■Local Food

We select local vegetables, all Komatsu-barley bread and seafood from Minami Kaga, Hashidate, Mikawa as much as possible.

Supporting child-rearing families

Premium Passport Business” is the system that sponsor-companies support families with two or more children (under 18 years old), including fetus in Ishikawa Prefecture, with the aim of supporting child-rearing throughout society.
Ristorante Jin sponsors the premium passport business.
If you can present the Passport at Jin, you will receive 5% discount from total amount of price.